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What do you feel now?

"My son constantly plays video games", the middle-aged man from South Asia named G, said.
"And how does that make you feel?", asked our instructor.
"He doesn't study and he needs to score good marks", he continued.
"Yes, and how does that make you feel?", she asked
"I scold him and then he starts yelling at me", he replied.
"Yes, that's true, that's how you respond to it. How do you feel when he plays video games - happy, sad, frustrated, angry,..?"

And this went on. It was evident that the man was either reluctant to talk about his feelings and sit with them, or this was the first time he had ever been asked that question and he was simply confused.

It was astounding, yet so heart-breaking, as I watch G, and the generations of families before me, struggling to talk about their emotions and feelings. And the impact active disengagement from one's inner emotions has on families, institutions and societies all a…