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Conversations about sex and sexuality

When I was asked to join my colleague at UNAIDS, to a conference organized by the National Aids Control Council (NACC), I thought it would be like any other conference; people speaking about AIDS and why it should be eradicated, and nothing more than that. But, I witnessed a discussion that I missed having in my adolescence along with millions of other Indians; a discussion about sex, sexuality and other such topics, essential but considered taboo, between a representative group of Adolescent and Young People (AYP), policy makers and the Church. There was wide representation from parents, NACC, civil society organizations, international organizations, families, parents and many more. Kenya ranks third in the highest new HIV infections among young people in the East and Central African region and has an incidence rate of 66,000 per year. The question was simple: how do we reduce the rate of new infections, especially among the AYPs, to reach the goal of less than 18,000 new infections…